Molino Conti prodotti da agricultura biologica
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Molino Conti - Organic Farming and Food Intolerance Products - Castel Madama (Rm)


The Molino Conti is located in Castel Madama, few kilometers away from Rome, and represents a local solid reality since well six generations of the Conti’s family.

Tradition, passion and quality are the ingredients which we put in all our products, that we add the seriousness of those who has chosen to carry on with the activity of one’s family.

Cereals (wheat, spelt, kamut®, corn, rice, oats, barley, etc.), of strictly national quality and coming from organic farming, from certified private producers, are grinded by a stone mill dating back to the 1920, which guarantee the nutritional qualities preservation of the product, holding unalterated his organoleptic features.

The Molino Conti is also pasta factory, with the production of Fresh Egg Pasta, produced with high quality flour and with 30% of whole eggs, various types of Organic wiredrawn-bronze Pasta, dried at low temperature for more than 20 hours (durum wheat, spelt, kamut® and hemp), including Gluten Free Pasta (corn, rice, chickpeas and lentils), specifically formulated for celiacs.

The Molino Conti’s pasta is produced with our same flours, realizing so a closed chain as a guarantee for a better quality and the control of the product together with the raw materials, from the harvest in the fields to the table tasting. Our products are also suitable for food intolerance.

The Molino Conti welcomes you in its mill and it would be very pleased to show you the grinding of cereals with the stone mill, our pride.

The Molino Conti can also grind your cereals and produce pasta to private label.

Molino Conti prodotti da agricultura biologica
Molino Conti prodotti da agricultura biologica
Molino Conti prodotti da agricultura biologica Molino Conti prodotti da agricultura biologica

Millstone grinded cereals - Wiredrawn-bronze pasta - Fresh egg pasta

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